Winston Binch Splits for Deutsch

By Kiran Aditham 

Six-year CP+B vet Winston Binch, who was housed in Boulder, co-founded Boulder Digital Works and served as partner/MD of Crispin, is leaving the agency for a gig at Deutsch LA. Here’s a letter from CEO Andrew Keller:

Dear CP+B,

Wanted to send out an update to let everyone know that Winston Binch will be leaving the agency.


While many of you may think of Winston as a partner and new business guy, Winston, along with Jeff Benjamin, Scott Prindle and Matt Walsh are the original architects of our digital process as we know it. What an amazing and significant accomplishment. We truly can’t thank Winston enough and are sad to see him go.

Over the last 18 months, Ivan Perez-Armendariz has stepped into Winston’s role of Director of Interactive Production so that Winston could focus his efforts on new business where he’s done a great job creating opportunities for the agency. Ivan along with Paul Sutton, Ryan Moreno and Tony Tung will continue to lead our digital production efforts and are clearly the best in the business. We couldn’t be luckier to have them.

Also, I’m happy to announce that Mason Reed will be taking over new business efforts and is already doing an excellent job-I will let him make his cool announcement next week.

Today is Winston’s last day. If you see him, please thank him for his impact on the agency and congratulate him on his new job at Deutsch LA. We will miss you, Winston.


Update: Here’s official word on Binch, who joins Deutsch LA as partner, chief digital officer. CEO Mike Sheldon, take it away:

“Winston is one of the top digital talents anywhere.  The goal for Deutsch LA is  simple and clear: we want to be the best digital agency in the country. Hiring Winston greatly amplifies our efforts in getting there. Winston is a great leader, thinker and someone who creates amazingly inventive programs for clients.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join us. “