Why Agencies Shouldn’t Try Their Hands At PR

By SuperSpy 

Public relations companies are all over the advertising industry’s turf these days. Look at Edelman who sometimes dictates creative. Sheesh. Despite advertising firms kicking their own PR divisions into gear (see Crispin Porter), the flow of capability does seems not to swing both ways.

Today’s example comes from Carmichael Lynch who won the Subaru account in October 2007. The agency sent out an email release to car blogs and automotive magazines about a 1968 Subaru 360 being placed in the agency’s Minneapolis office. Yeah. Not that interesting for starters, but it gets better in the way of major typos. First, the subject line includes the word Airbourn. Yeah. I know. Then, Carmichael Lynch goes on to ramble through a crappy copy and then, misspell the name a Subaru model. It’s Forester kids. Not Forrester. For shame.


Blogs are now writing about the misspellings rather than focusing on the (meager) press initiative. Sad. The entire email is after the jump.

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Subject: Subaru 360 Goes Airbourn To Find Home on 10th Floor

Click the “Related URL” link above for fun pictures of a Subaru 360 (circa 1968) that was “carried” up to the 10th floor of agency Carmichael Lynch where it now greets visitors to the Minneapolis advertising agency.

Carmichael Lynch handles all advertising, media, digital advertising and dealer support for Subaru of America. Shortly after the agency’s partnership with Subaru was announced in 2007, Carmichael Lynch located this classic and rare Subaru 360. The car needed a bit of work – but now is ready to be on display in the 10th floor lobby.

The Subaru 360 was first sold in the U.S in the late 1960’s – the car was in production from 1958-71.

On Saturday morning, the car was hoisted, with great care, by crane through a removed window panel of the agency’s 10th floor.

Today’s Subaru Forrester, Outback, Impreza, Legacy, Tribeca and WRX can each trace their lineage back to the Subaru 360.