Who Paid For This?

By Michael Musco 

We don’t know whether the client wanted it this way or the creative dept. is heavily sedated but this campaign for Insight Communications from the Darling Agency is painful. Who approves this stuff? The tag line “The future is here. The future is coming.” is a little nerve racking. If the future foresees more spots like this, we feel sorry for them.

There are students out there busting their asses right now in this field starving, trying to stretch their brains and come up with the most brilliant shit there is and they have to see things like this out there that someone was paid to do. Shame on you. Hopefully it was all the client so the creatives may be spared on this one. We’re giving you the benefit of the doubt on this one but will be keeping a constant vigil more anymore garbage. View the rest of the campaign after the jump.


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