Fired CD Starts New Agency

By Kiran Aditham 

20-year agency vet Bob LaBarge has launched his new shop, LaBarge +Partners, which is based in Charleston, SC and is based on the concept of “removing overhead from the agency model.” LaBarge (looking very workmanlike in the pic to your left) was formerly at Rawle Murdy but canned in a move that his spin doctors say “surprised a lot of people.” Before spending 4 1/2 years at RM, LaBarge was an art director at BBDO, a senior AD at Gotham and served as creative director at Stern Advertising.

Here’s the setup if it interests you: “No fancy office spaces. No first-class seats. No weekly lobster dinners or penthouse getaways to “research the competition.” And no in-house staff.” Check out the site for this lobster-free agency here.

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