Who Needs Payment When Nestle’s Got ‘Prizes and Rewards’ for Ideas?

By Kiran Aditham 

Barbarian Group’s head of strategy and planning Noah Brier (left) forwarded us this email from Nestle that asks him to participate in its “Digital Think Tank.” As the man himself says, “In lieu of the regular payment for these type of services they’re offering ‘prizes and rewards.’ How nice of them.” At least there could be chocolatey goodness in your future, Noah. Read on and enjoy…

“Dear Noah,

We hope you’re having a good week and were happy to have found your blog online!

By way of an explanation, we wanted to get in touch given your vast expertise and knowledge of digital thinking, marketing and human behaviour, to ask if you would be interested in taking part in an exciting upcoming online venture.

Next week, we are a launching a unique, invitation-only online community called The Digital Think Tank and would love you to be part of it. It is an online collaborative space in which you will be able to shape the future digital communications strategy of one of the world’s leading organisations; Nestle.

It is an approach which attempts to harnesses the philosophy you have contributed to: that of open conversation, collaboration and co-creation.

You will have a unique chance to create the perfect brand for our new digital world, exchange knowledge and expertise with peers.

You will be able to:

* Inspire ideas and influence the thinking and strategy at the top of Nestle

* Share ideas, debate with and meet likeminded people from around the world

* Receive prizes and rewards: our way of saying thanks for joining in!

We really hope you will join us.

Please click on the link to register your interest in becoming a member and let us know if you, or anyone else have any questions, which we’d be happy to answer.


Our sincere thanks,

The Nestle Digital Think Tank team”

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