Arnold’s Hershey Ad Evokes Feeling of ‘Happiness’

By Kiran Aditham 

Arnold unveiled its new Hershey’s campaign that includes a 15-second spot dubbed “Checklist.” Take a look after the jump and see if it reminds you of anything from W+K Amsterdam and a major soft drink brand. Guess they’ve been in this “Factory” mode for over a year now. Anyhow, Asylum did the VFX and Nathan McGuinness from Kommitted handled directing duties. The second spot below it is today’s copy of a copy called “Timid”.

Full credits are also included…


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Group Creative Director: Kate Murphy
Producer: Pete Scudese
Senior Art Director: Nate Guillard
Senior Copywriter: Meghan Williams

Production Company: Kommitted
Director: Nathan McGuinness
EP: Marc Siegel

Post/Effects: Asylum Visual Effects
VFX Producer: Sascha Flick
VFX Coordinator: Jennie Burnett
EP: Michael Pardee

Head of CG: Jeff Werner
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
VFX Supervisor: Paul O’Shea
Lead Compositor: Miles Essmiller
Lead Animator: Michael Warner
Animator(s): James Parris, Larry White, Alfonso Alpuerto
Modeler(s): Lersak Bunupuradah, Greg Stuhl, Toshihiro Sakamaki
Lighter: Aaron Vest
Rigging: Rick Grandy
Rigging: Briana Hamilton
Texture: James Lee
Shading: Matthew Maude
Editor: Kosta Saric