Who Built HappyMeal.com?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Luckily, I don’t have any children. But if I did, I’d probably take said child to McDonald’s every once in awhile. You know, road trips, afternoons at the mall, and the occasional post all-night-drinking with the kid. Nothing caps off an evening of Jame-o and strippers like a little cardboard box with tiny fries and a tinier burger.

My padiwan and I would check out the cool toys, and undoubtedly he’d want to visit happymeal.com, which is of course plastered on the crap.


But as Tribble points out, the mobile functionality of the site wouldn’t work.

In an attempt to determine who is responsible for the site, which is not mobile ready, Tribble did some investigating. There’s too much back and forth to post here, but check it out for yourself.

McDonalds’ DAOR is supposedly AKQA, but as you’ll see the folks over there claim they’re not responsible. Let’s untangle this, shall we? Anonymous tips much appreciated.

Update: Got a tip that Ogilvy is interested in the story at Tribble.

Update: It was pointed out to us that Dallas based Moroch has McDonald’s on their client list. Then again, who doesn’t?

Update: A friend reminded me that McDonalds dot com dot au somehow involved Tribal Chicago, and AKQA does some of their global work. The mystery continues.

Update: Tribal DDB is the US DAOR, AKQA is the Global DAOR but roster agencies from Burnett to Moroch create Web work for McDonald’s.

Final Update: Tribble figured it out…Creata is the agency in question. Done and done.