I Guess That’s Another Way to Go Green

By SpyWriter 

Thanks to girlwithglasses I just took a look at Helzberg Diamond’s billboard for the “That Guy” campaign created by Barkley, an ad agency out in Kansas City. Apparently Kansas City just got the news about viral marketing and recycling, so they thought they’d do both at the same time by recycling an idea that Amalgamated NY had two years ago for Court TV.

Problem is- the billboard was not salacious enough, which we all know is what really moves the meat (does anyone get that reference?). But the Kansas City Star picked it up. So mission accomplished?


I guess the idea is that people are supposed to look at this billboard and desire the kind of guy that “buys a billboard to propose; who washes and fluffs your puppy, Toodles, instead of watching the game with the guys…” etc, etc. Yeah, I’m not taking that message away so much. I’m sure the only person that remembers that billboard is the girl being proposed to, Jennifer, and she doesn’t exist!

Way to hit one inside the park Barkley…