When Advertising Fails, Trust In Art

By SuperSpy 

The world is reeling: Gregg is out. PepsiCo stock is in the crapper. The Afghan situation is heating up and Zimbabwe just continues to be a hot mess. Maybe it’s time we all just trusted in art?

Trust In Art is a self-described stock market for cultural renewal. Ten artists have introduced their communities based art works to the online community. For a dollar a share, benefactors help fund those projects. The shares are redeemable in a public auction of the finished work one year later. The proceeds of the auction are shared 50/50 between the artist and the network of shareholders. It’s Kiva, it’s peer-to-peer micro-lending with a possibly larger pay-off.

Current projects include a documentary, a roving, teaching dance collective, a large scale trash/recycling project and my favorite – Brooklyn-based street artists Skewville will re-purpose condemned buildings in their local community, “painting the facades with uplifting messages, creating new community art space, and providing existing shopkeepers with new signage.” If you’ve ever been to some parts of Bushwick, you know this is a very good thing.


One dollar? Why not?

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