New Agency Alert: The Haz Agency!

By SuperSpy 

Ever heard of the Haz Agency? The agency, which firmly believes in blow jobs and digital ecstasy? No? From their web page:

“We’re an agency for a new kind of digital. What does that mean? We don’t pin ourselves down by definitions.”


“At the moment our vision is to be the prime curator of Web 2.0, nudging it as it matures to Web 2.5 or even Web 2.8.”

“When was the last time your consumers gave your brand a blow job? Can’t remember? Then you need us. But we’re equally all about wikifying your lifestream or geotagging your instant messages.”

“We don’t have offices: offices are the Geocities of the urban fabric, a 19th century solution to a 20th century paradigm. We work in the urban cloud – whether it’s the bagel shops of Brick Lane or the nightclubs of Soho, constantly connected to the celestial ether of London 2.0.”

They aren’t kidding with all that tech jargon and tongue-in-cheek sex speak. This is for real. Catch this – if you want to hire them, they recommend using Twitter, but do provide an email address for “grand dads.” While that’s all super cute and slightly funny, a case could be made for being “too digital” as to cut off business opportunities through crass language, limited information and smug digi-superiority, no?

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