What’s Next For MTV, Dove And College Humor?

By SuperSpy 

Sometimes we get information that has very little to do with agencies or advertising even. Check out the ones below. They all deal with media and since we have media buyers, as well as tech geek CDs reading the blog, we thought you might be interested. We are anyways. Enjoy.

WE HEAR THAT… Vice and Viacom backed broadband channel VBS is getting ready to launch a first person news network. Hunh? Sounds good to us.

WE HEAR THAT… Forget the plump chicks. Ogilvy and Dove are shifting direction in the hopes of grabbing the attention of 20-somethings for a new line of body wash, and deodorant. Get ready for a whole lot of a Alicia Keys.


WE HEAR THAT… College Humor is going to be launching a new aggregator that may remind you of the Drudge Report, but is celebrity gossip focused. It may be called “fat free dish” or something like that anyways. It’s their way of reaching out to girls. Look for it in March. Hey, maybe they’ll launch a make-up site and forum for girls to talk about dream weddings next. Blah.