TBWA Is Ready To Rock

By SuperSpy 

Disruptunes is the latest and properly best idea to come out of TBWA in some time. The program allows musicians from within the side shop to upload their tracks to a server. Currently, there are over 100 songs in the database for employees to share, enjoy and rate.

See? This is good. This is an agency showing some love for its staffers. Okay, admittedly, we’re stretching this whole Valentine’s Day thing a little far on this one, but hell… it’s still awesome.

We’d love to hear some of the tunes. If you’re one of the 50 plus bands who have uploaded a track to Disruptunes and are looking to get some play, contact us at agencyspy at mediabistro dot com. We could do one a day or something like that.

AdFreak has a link to song by TBWA hit sensation, The Generators. Get it here.