What’s Grossier Than Gross? Domino’s Employee Puts Food Up Nose & Then Serve It Up

By SuperSpy 

UPDATE: According to The Consumerist and thanks to the work of their sleuths, all the offending employees have been fired. Still… Never. Eating. There. Again.

Warning: Do not watch this video if you are sitting down to lunch, okay? Blech and double blech. This video from YouTube is a Dominos PR nightmare. Boogers on food? A Piece of cheese inserted up a nose and then placed directly on a sandwich? It’s almost unbelievable? And all the while, employees are laughing. Ohhh… that is so fricking nasty and if it goes massive, will totally negate any good work Crispin Porter has done for the brand. Oh heavens :barf:


Thanks to V for the link

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