New Message Amsterdam’s Brutally Bad Print Ad

By SuperSpy 

There’s a new print campaign out created by New Message Amsterdam, which features a woman in bikini hovering oddly near their client Jonny Loco’s product, a bicycle. As Adrants said: “Um, WTF?” We’d like to pick up where they left off.

First of all, what kind of godforsaken outfit is that? We got some love for goth, but this is just way to Fredrick’s Of Hollywood (read: cheap) for us to handle. Second of all, you’re selling sex right? We know that it works, but couldn’t you have made the ad actually sexy? Another thing – This ad is totally disconnected – the woman is removed from the bike itself. Her sexuality is a separate entity and a very aggressive, sci-fi one at that. Last but not least – please, if you’re going to use sex then create some sort of viewpoint on it. Are you going to go for seduction or go all the way? Seriously. Make the woman more than just a one-dimensional object. It’s not that hard. Sorry guys, but this is just sloppy work.


So, below and after the jump please find some inspiring images for your ad campaign. Take a look. Reflect. Figure out your client’s brand and then come back to us with something that makes a little more sense, yeah? Thanks.