What Does a ‘Business Road Trip’ Entail? JWT Brazil Fills Us In

By Kiran Aditham 

Armed with a boatload of brands as support including Shell, Nestle, Coca-Cola and Bridgestone, a trio of bikers including JWT Brazil creative director/copywriter Hernán Rebaldería decided to make a 3,500km trip through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina riding old Vespas for 12 days while only using products made by clients of JWT. Talk about the ultimate show of support and a little bit of showing off of its client roster. The journey, which the parties involved hype as costing half the price of a single-page ad in one of Brazil’s most prestigious magazines, is documented in the five-minute clip above. Their destination? The international Vespa meeting in Paraguay. Let’s live vicariously and enjoy Rebalderia and pals ride bikes with names like “La Negrita” as they make it through their South American sojourn. Credits after the jump and a print version of their documentary can be found here. After viewing this, at least we have a hankering to invest in a Vespa.


Client: JWT

Product: Self promotion

Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John

Head of Art: Fabio Simões

Creative Director: Hernán Rebaldería; Santiago Dulce

Copywriter: Gabriel Morais; Hernán Rebaldería

Art Director: João Unzer

Designer: Gabriel Guedelha

Retoucher: Julio Freitas; João Bola

Edition: Fabio Santos

Account Team: Kazuo Sugui; Fred Camargo; Rita Saito

Media: Aline Moda

Agency Producer: Marcia Lacaze

Art Buyer: Fafa Oliveira

Graphic Producer: Flavio Schaefer

Digital: Codify

Production Company: JWT

Director: Santiago Dulce / João Unzer

Production: Diego Kobayashi

Animation: Paulo Stocker / Banzaii Studio

Finishing: Emerson Jardim

Music: Vinylo Sound Perú

Sound Production: Shuffle