‘HappyBeerTime’ Combines Social Drinking with Social Media

By Erik Oster 

Danish digital agency Konstellation recently created “HappyBeerTime” for Carlsberg, a “‘plug & party’ solution that runs from an HDMI stick and uses Instagram to bridge bar-goers off-line socializing with their online social media behaviors to extend happy hours, generate organic bar promotion and create user-generated content for Carlsberg Group.”

The initiative is simple and efficient. When the Google Chrome Cast-esque HDMI stick is inserted into an HDTV, a clock begins counting down for Happy Hour and bar goers are given the opportunity to add time to the Happy Hour countdown by uploading pictures to Instagram and tagging them with the hashtag #HappyBeerTime and the name of the bar.


“At Konstellation we always seek to create new digital playgrounds for our clients’ customers by tapping into people’s existing behaviors,” said Thomas Pries, founding partner and chief creative officer of Konstellation. “#HappyBeerTime is a good example of our approach to innovation, as people already instagram their way through their nights out. Our additions to this existing behavior are simple: an HDMI stick and hashtags. Bar-owners plug in the HDMI stick, and bar-goers use specific hashtags that, when added to their Instagram photos, result in instant rewards – prolonged Happy Hour, and of course, more beer sales.”

You can view video of HappyBeerTime in action above, and a list of credits after the jump.

Oh, and if you happen to be attending Cannes and enjoy drinking beer, here are some instructions:



Thomas Pries, Partner & Chief Creative Officer

Claus Leinøe, Partner & Director of Client Services

Rasmus Høgdal, Associate Creative Director

Benjamin Bang, Associate Creative Director

Morten Grubak, Associate Creative Director

Philip Bock, Associate Creative Director

Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen, Associate Creative Director

Mads Sülau Jørgensen, Technical Director

Morten Barklund, Developer

Kristian Rix, Producer

Bas Meister, Designer