We’re Not Sure How This Soap Ad Got Over 90 Million Views Either

By Erik Oster 

Every now and then, an ad will come along whose viral success is simply perplexing. Raindrop’s “Save Your Skin With Dr. Squatch Soap” for natural soap brand Dr. Squatch fits squarely in that category.

The spot’s lighthearted mix of humor and supposed testimonials is approachable. It also manages to highlight purported selling points in a relatively entertaining fashion, contrasting ingredients with the harsh chemicals of Big Soap brands. It takes down 2-in-1 shampoos and pitches soaps that can help you smell like the forest, the sea or “like you just got off a boat in the Caribbean.”

Clearly, the creatives behind the spot studied what went into Harmon Brothers ads such as its work for Poo-Pourri and Squatty Potty. But over 90 million views? It’s an ad, and we cannot stress this enough, for soap. Soap. A bar of soap.

Perhaps Raindrops’ team picked up some viral video secrets at the Harmon Brothers school. Maybe people just really like soap in ways that we weren’t aware of. We’ll just have to remain perplexed.