Well, at Least They Remembered to Make a Beer Run on July 3

By Erik Oster 

Sterling Rice Group (SRG) knows what really makes the Fourth of July: beer.

The agency’s campaign for the Brewers Association soaks in the insight that the Fourth of July weekend is the biggest week for beer sales annually, SRG declares July 3 “Independent Beer Run Day” for the Brewers Association, the non-profit organization promoting American independent breweries. A series of ads showcase a series of Fourth of July celebrations without some other staples of the holiday, but at least they remembered the beer.

In one spot it’s the meat, with the group resigned to eating buns toasted around a campfire. In another, a woman does her best to make up for the lack of fireworks, while the poor guy in “Sunscreen” could double as a PSA on the importance of SPF skincare. Each of the ads also highlights the “Independently Crafted” seal SRG introduced for the Brewers Association two years ago. Ultimately, though, the execution doesn’t quite live up to the potential of the insight.


The ads will run on a series of digital and social channels, with further support from audio spots and sponsored summer playlists on Pandora Radio.

“What I love in particular about this campaign is that in a ‘Small Business Saturday’ type of way it reminds people to think about and support independent business people—specifically independent craft brewers—on Independence Day,” SRG executive creative director Adam Wohl said in a statement.