Welcome To The Real World

By SuperSpy 

Just Ask The Locals (JATL) is a New York City tourism campaign, which has featured the likes of Robert Deniro and Jonathan Adler. Cunning, that British band of wackos who launched Mini Cooper and also did some nice work for HSBC recently, were charged with developing supporting concepts for Mayor Bloomberg’s desired expansion of the JATL tourist appreciation campaign.

Cunning created the cunning ‘Ultimate Local’ – an information booth at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Passers-by pose questions to ‘The Ultimate Local’ shown on a plasma screen fixed to the front of the booth. ‘The Ultimate Local’ could see and hear them in real time and answer any, any, any question about Manhatta. Examples: Where to get the best slice of pizza, how many rooms are in the Gramercy Park Hotel and what happened to the peep shows in Times Square?


Okay. Good idea, right? It’s simple, provides a service and is also just a little fun. What other agencies specialize in experiential executions, ideas that get people involved on the street level through technology, mobility, events, kiosks, gimmicks and games? What are the names of these smaller shops mucking things up? Comments please. In the mean time, here’s a meager starting list:

– Area/Code

– Cunning
– Iris Nation
– The Happy Corp Global