WTF: Is That Your Thumb Or Your Dick?

By SuperSpy 

TBWA used to have that huge Playstation account until Deutsch swept in and took their cake. THANK HEAVENS, because those Playstation ads were getting a bit awful. Like, um this concept ad from TBWA\Wien in Vienna, Austria which replaces a penis with a thumb. WTF? What guy, in his right mind, wants to imagine his prized possession taken over by a thumb? On the subconscious level it’s a bit emasculating. On the conscious level, it’s just down right unappealing.

Sony made a shitty machine turning off consumers left and right. TBWA has done their part to alienate the brand even further with a load of crap, nonsensical and offensive print ads like this one or that one.

As a gamer, I’m begging Deutsch to make this right. Make that brand right again. Tough task as there is nothing you guys can do about the product, but at least, make the advertising imagery not make me hurl, yeah?

[source: Gizmodo]