Wednesday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-The coldest town in Finland is thinking about bidding for the Olympic Games … the summer games. Sure, it’s counterintuitive, but climate change could give the Arctic town of Salla a shot. Omnicom agency Africa (based in Brazil) helped the city with the pitch in a new video.

“Our intention here is clear: we want to keep Salla as it is, and our winters cold and full of snow. So, there was this crazy idea: to host the Summer Games in one of the coldest towns on the planet. If we stand back and do nothing, letting global warming prevail, we will lose our identity, and the town we love—as well as many others around the world—will cease to exist as we know it,” said the town’s mayor, Erkki Parkkinen on the #SaveSalla campaign.

-Publicis hits the (client) Powerball and scoops up Inspire Brands’ $600 million media biz.


Ikea offers up Swedish lessons for kids to keep them entertained during lockdown. Vilken bra idé!

-MTV Entertainment Group launches powerful “Making Black History Now” campaign.

-Why spending $5.5 million on a Super Bowl ad actually makes sense.

-Grand Haven, Michigan ad execs have spoken. They loved the Wayne’s World Uber Eats Super Bowl ad.

NPR gets called out by an 8-year-old … for lack of dinosaur stories. Wholesome content we all need about now.