Wednesday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Using the “if/then” technique, Joan helps spread the word about the dangers of climate change with an animated short. It’s in support of Science Moms, a newly-launched group of climate scientists and mothers aiming to demystify climate science and motivate action to protect children’s futures.

“Moms can notoriously smell BS, so we wanted to be pretty blunt with a message,” said Bryce Hooton, creative director at Joan. “It’s a very common sense approach, but that’s exactly what we need right now—common sense.”

-Some personal news … from an old friend.


-We’re getting all upmarket reading Harvard Business Review. But the pub interviewed Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy and global activism chief Christopher Miller to understand why the brand speaks out.

Chief diversity officer Ronnie Dickerson Stewart left Publicis Groupe after less than a year in that role. The holding company has no immediate plans to name a successor as chief diversity officer but says it remains committed to advancing its goals around diversity, equity and inclusion under the leadership of chief inclusion experience officer Renetta McCann.

-Using common words, the Banksy of logo designers (who goes by Tarigan on Insta) creates some visual fun.

Apple puts more clarity on its $100 million pledge for racial equity and justice. $25 million goes to innovation hub the Propel Center, a program for HBCUs. The brand is also opening an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit, focused on young Black entrepreneurs, and is investing $10 million with Harlem Capital.

-Wait. Uno (the card game) is 50 years old?

-Glassdoor released its annual Best Places to Work, and agencies were … um … (keeps looking). There it is! Push Agency of Tempe—outside of Phoenix! The shop clocks in at #11 in the small and medium-sized company list.