Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Crayola, home to what was one of the largest collections of children’s art in the country, is unlocking its time capsule of creativity and reuniting adults with the artwork they created when they were kids decades ago. The undertaking is part of today’s launch of Crayola’s Campaign for Creativity which challenges conventional perceptions about creativity, igniting a new dialogue about the value of creativity and helping parents integrate more creative moments into their children’s lives. Crayola is debuting a captivating series of short films, Stay Creative. The films feature the stories of three adults across the country who participated in a Crayola art program as kids. As they are reunited with their childhood artwork, the adults reflect on how creativity impacted their lives, and the importance of nurturing creativity in their own children. The campaign came from Dentsu Creative US.

-ADWEEK talked with five companies about how they built their sonic logos that became a vital part of their brands.


-The MilkPEP folks are back again with more edutainment from Gale. This time, they’ve unleashed comic actor Vanessa Bayer on a dairy farm in New York for a docu-series.

-As part of ADWEEK’s Voice series about founding your own agency, Bandits & Friends’ Danny Gonzalez details the help they’ve received from other agency leaders.

Check out this brand refresh for Bumble done by its in-house creative studio.

-Brand design consultancy Elmwood explained to ADWEEK three ways it changed Skittles packaging.

-Toronto agency Fuse Create conducted an experiment for restaurant client Schneiders. The agency read an article about AI generated food photos looking tastier than the real thing, so it decided to test it out. Using the same research methodology, Fuse Create put Schneiders’ 134 years of quality to the test to see if AI could generate tastier looking photos than the original. Check out the video that summarizes the findings.