Frontier Communications Taps McCann New York as Creative AOR and Releases First Work

By Kyle O'Brien 

According to the new work from McCann New York for Frontier Communications, the fiber optics that power our technology will last throughout our lifetime, and seemingly beyond.

The bold claim is part of the “Good to Go” campaign, the first from new AOR McCann New York for Frontier Communications. With the relationship, the brand aims to transform its business and expand its presence.

“To match the enduring nature of their product, we’re launching an enduring brand platform that sets Frontier apart as a leader and pioneer in their industry. We are confident that McCann’s deep expertise in creativity, content, audience and connections and design will make a significant impact as they grow their business and expand into new markets,” said Amber Guild, CEO, McCann New York in a statement.


The hero film of “Good to Go” is “Internet of a Lifetime,” and it showcases that fiber is built to last a person’s entire lifetime. The spot shows the constant changes humans experience over a lifetime—44 cell phones, 23 computers, 19 gaming systems, 256 shoes, 22 jobs, seven romantic partners and so on—but the one thing that is constant is Frontier fiber internet.

In the spot, viewers follow a single character through his life as he ages from his mid-20s to his mid-80s. His home changes and modernizes around him, reflecting the constant change of time, but the constant is Frontier Fiber Internet.

For some key markets, including Los Angeles, Hartford, New Haven and Rochester, campaign elements such as audio will be tailored to each market, bringing up “life facts” like the number of traffic jams in L.A. or the number of new pizzerias in New Haven.

“Fiber is the internet standard for decades to come, and with this campaign, we are bringing awareness to the fact that more people can now choose 100% fiber optic technology for their connectivity needs,” said John Harrobin, Frontier executive vice president of consumer, in a statement.

The spot was directed by Rodrigo Valdes with Superprime. To depict the character’s journey through a lifetime, the team employed an involved prosthetic process that took the actor into his 60s and 80s, based not only on his own appearance but on photographs of his father as a senior. The application of prosthetic facial features, hair, skin and even liver spots took approximately four hours per day. In addition to practical prosthetics, the agency’s VFX partners at Framestore helped to “de-age” the actor by a full two decades to depict him in his 20s.

Details of the deal were not disclosed but the 2023 estimated spend for Frontier is $51 million, with $8million in traditional and $43 million in digital according to COMvergence.