Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Facebook is on its heels after their botched ToS move, Cliff Freeman is breaking from MDC and damnit, we’re sick and tired of people using just one side of the paper. But we’ve bitched enough about those happenings, so here’s a few stories from around the Webs you might have missed.

&#151 Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun Times wears bow ties, and today he wrote about the plan crash in Buffalo. link

&#151 John Malone is the hero that saved SiriusXM from certain doom, we just hope the FCC doesn’t fuck it all up, again. link


&#151 This is where AdAge tries to make a point about Hulu and, but completely neglects the elephant in the room: illegal streaming sites that do MUCH better in terms of uniques. link

&#151 Adidas hopes you’ll spend all day dreaming about their new Web site Adidas.TV rather than, you know, going outside and using their products. link

&#151 Pepsi wants its corporate employees to drink the…erm…soda-aid. link

&#151 Mark Lund is the new CEO at COI. Oy! link

&#151 DraftFCB laid some people off, 60 in all we hear. link

&#151 So far, Omnicom and Publicis are bleeding the worst because of this whole auto-industry thing. link

&#151 This band is awesome. link