Western Song Teaches Us Not to Be Paper-wasting Ninnymugginses

By Matt Van Hoven 

JWT’s Armando Flores and Sara Worthington and Bee Reynolds are something of a phenomenon. Over the last few months they’ve brought us crazy Halloween costumes including this one of Roseanne and this one of a toothless burlesque thingy. Then there was the infamous birth celebration, which included a stunning dance-routine-slash-circle-of-life demonstration, among other things.

Today we bring you the latest project from these three, an illustrative music video about printing on both sides of the paper. This piece, called “It Makes More Sense to Use Both Sides”, struck us because just yesterday a close friend was telling us how her boss requires that everything printed be on clean paper. No using the back sides for Ms. Bossy! We loathe loathe loathe this type of thinking, especially since the print out was just something for a file somewhere. Take your OCD and shove it!


The project is housed on JunkWasteTrash and is probably going to be submitted for a Webby or something. We’re not sure what other internal purpose this could have since it’s not attached to any client that we know of. Oh, eco-friendliness possibly? The “campaign” is plastered all over the office to teach other paper wasters to be less doucherrific. Way to go, JWT, please do more green things and make your one-side-of-the-paper using competitors look like schmucks until they change and say, “look AgencySpy, we’re green too!”

Props to the mustache. Werd.

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