Wednesday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– The Twitter hacker, GMZ, confesses and tells you how he did it. (link)

– From the tip box: “Word has it Leo Burnett’s planning on laying off 10% across LB, Mundocom, Lapiz and Arc in mid-January. Some are saying the 15th.”

– Slate examines the relationship between newspapers and electronic content delivery that goes back further than many imagine. (link)

– Whhaa? British consumers pay more attention to print ads than online ads, according to consultancy Deloitte. (link)

– A blog titled, “Skanks In NYC,” has led to a lawsuit against Google and anonymous blogging. Gulp. (link)

– Peer39 shuts down their “Semantic Ad Network.” (link)

– South African startup airline, Airtime Airlines, applies the cellphone business model to airline ticket pricing. Now, that new. (link)

– Subway launches their mobile ordering program. The associated ad campaign comes from Johannes Leonardo. (link)

– Cuba has created up an electronic collection of Ernest Hemmingway’s photographs, letters and manuscripts. Very nice. (link)

– CultureLab has released their trends to watch for in 2009. (link)

– An article chronicling the struggle to rebrand global warming as a “hot” issue. (link)

– What was life like before Crispin Porter? The Denver Egotist spells it out for you. (link)

Madonna is the new spokeswhore for Louis Vuitton. (link)

– Porn moguls Joe Francis and Larry Flynt are headed to Washington to ask for a porn bailout. I shit you not. (link)