Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Britons agree that no-one out-pizzas the Hut in a debut spot from Isobar that might as well be called “come at us, CPB+.”

-The Martin Agency created “Virginia Is For Lovers” 50 years ago this week.

Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital has two new “major global packaged goods” clients that it can’t name just yet.


-The best of More About Advertising’s 2019 predictions: “media agencies will forget about being content factories (their way of eating ad agencies’ lunch) because they’re not very good at it.” Ouch.

-So how can shops improve the pitch process? Tom Denford of ID Comms thinks maybe it’s the clients who need to reconsider their strategies.

-And what about clients evaluating their would-be agency partners? The answers from Ad Results Media will not surprise you.

George “Adscam” Parker also shared a fun side-to-side comparison between the evolution of what agencies promise in pitches vs. what actually gets produced.

-But what are marketers really worried about going into 2019? According to CMO Today, it’s data and “the death of true creativity.”

-We predict this year will be all about social media influencers getting arrested.