Shanghai Hustles More Than Gary Vee in W+K’s Inspirational Nike Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

We don’t know about you guys, but now that a new year is upon us are sorely lacking when it comes to anything like inspiration or joie de vivre or spontaneous feelings of disruption.

If you need a little spring in your step, a splash of cold water or a swift punch in the face on this fine Wednesday afternoon in January, here’s a rapid-fire number that Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai released last month.

It’s all about how the folks in Shanghai just can’t stop when it comes to every single sport there is … even when it’s your job to give them an objective. Put up a finish line? These dudes will just run around it, because they’re that tough.


And their basketball games are known to stretch into the 33rd quarter.

“Shanghai’s Never Done” portrays residents of China’s biggest city as the most hardcore in manner that is, in its way, similar to the acclaimed “Nothing Beats a Londoner” from earlier last year.

The effort includes a lot of local nuances that are lost on us, like the fact that the two teams competing in that epic game of hoops are No. 54 High School and Bao Shan High. Star Lin Dongfu is also a well-known actor and director who has lent his voice talents to the Transformers series among other, presumably more highbrow things.

The ad was produced by Somesuch and directed by Nick Gordon.