Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-JWT Amsterdam chef Robbie Postma and visual designer Robert Harrison teamed up for a project called “MENU” which features food served on Postma’s face (video above).

Bloomberg’s new cover story is an excellent tale of Domino’s resurgence led by tech-driven marketing. But it only mentions CP+B once. Sad!

-Havas’ Yannick Bolloré talks “the new Havas” — but doesn’t seem too keen on discussing the full-service topic.


-Strategist Chris Loukakis thinks “Your Digital Agency sucks, and it’s probably your fault (kind of).”

-Walter Isaacson is launching a podcast series about technology for Dell.

-The big themes at SXSW this year were AI and VR. So, same as last year?

-A Commons Home Affairs Committee meeting saw harsh criticism of Facebook, Twitter and Google for failing to act against hate speech.

The solution to ad fraud is …. bitcoin? (Yes, we know that blockchain is a separate thing.)