BBH London Figures Out ‘How to Make Irish Chicken Even More Irish’ for KFC

By Erik Oster 

BBH London launched a campaign for KFC touting the chain’s Irish chicken with a spot entitled “How to Make Irish Chicken Even More Irish.”

Earlier this month KFC concluded a review launched in January by selecting Mother as its new creative agency of record in the U.K., ending a 15-year relationship with BBH London in the process. So “How to Make Irish Chicken Even More Irish” is presumably one of the agency’s last efforts for the brand, if not its very last.

“How to Make Irish Chicken Even More Irish” begins with “KFC marketing man” Randy O’Brien introducing himself, while seemingly riding a horse across a lush, green Irish countryside. “And this is the O’Sanders feast,” he adds, in reference to a bucket full of real mashed potatoes and 100 percent Irish chicken. As the camera pans out to reveal the not-so-real nature of the ad, he suggests making the meal “even more Irish” in predictably ridiculous ways.

The meta approach has become a tired trop in advertising as of late, but this is far from the worst example of the style. Plus the ad’s conclusion, featuring a woman with an Irish accent touting KFC’s Irish chicken and lack of “feckin nonsense” is a more unusual touch.


Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Creatives: Alex King, Andrew Jordan
Producer: Sarah Cooper

Production Company: Partizan
Director: Giles Ripley
Producer: Nicole Gray
DOP: Sam Goldie
Production Manager: Jack Bristow

Post Production/VFX: Mini Mill