Web Video Editor Creates Video with 300 Geico Ads

By Erik Oster 

If you hate the seemingly inescapable barrage of ads for insurance company Geico, you’re not alone. Web video editor and filmmaker¬†Dominick Nero was irked by the brand’s oversaturation and decided to create a video of nearly 300 Geico ads to illustrate his point called “Every F*cking Geico Ad Played At Once.”

Opening on a single spot, the video quickly breaks off into a number of ads each filling a small box on the screen. Soon the screen is overtaken by the ads and it becomes nearly impossible to keep up with the action onscreen, which is sort of the point. Even defenders of Geico advertising have to admit the brand’s ubiquity can be a lot to stomach and the video does a good job at showing just how overwhelming the brand’s media saturation is.

“Since sites like YouTube and Hulu are our generation’s cable TV, almost everything we watch is, in some way, disturbed by Geico’s self-perpetuating reign of milquetoast chaos,” Nero told Adweek.¬†“But if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to keep hearing ‘Save 15 percent or more on your car insurance’ in your dreams every night.”

Geico and The Martin Agency, the brand’s lead creative agency, declined to comment to the publication. We’re guessing they’re not exactly big fans of the video.