McCann, Cuervo Party with The Rolling Stones

By Erik Oster 

McCann launched a new spot for Jose Cuervo celebrating the brand’s association with The Rolling Stones‘ infamous 1972 “cocaine and tequilla sunrise” tour (also known as the “Stones Touring Party” or “STP”), entitled “Flight 72.”

“Flight 72” depicts a scene on The Rolling Stones‘ tour plane, The Lapping Tongue. None of the band members are depicted, with the spot focusing instead on a stewardess passing out tequila sunrises to its partying entourage. The action is set to the 1978 song “Miss You,” a strange choice considering it wasn’t released until six years later. That feels like a mistake, not only because it overlooks some of The Rolling Stones‘ best material from the early seventies but because the incongruity serves to highlight the spot’s artificiality (especially to older audiences who will notice the disparity).

A McCann spokeswoman defended the decision in AdAge, saying, “There are so many iconic Rolling Stones songs that came out of the 70s. ‘Miss You,’ in particular, really captures the feel of that decade so we thought it was a perfect pick.”

She added that the decision to feature the Rolling Stones’ connection to the brand derived from research discovering the connection between the infamous tour and the tequila brand. While the nostalgic reference to the seventies will undoubtedly appeal to baby boomers, she clarified that the brand’s target audience is still millenials, stating, “this group craves stories that they, in turn, can turn into social currency for when they are out with friends” and that the spot “provides exactly what our target is hungry for. The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is still the goal.”