We Hear: West Loses Some Business

By Patrick Coffee 

Last month we reviewed TechCrunch’s review of the homepage of West, the San Francisco ad agency co-founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. The general consensus: it didn’t show or tell us much of anything at all.

This week, we’ve received a few anonymous notes about the state of things at West and, like the vast majority of the tips we receive here every day, they weren’t particularly positive.

We’re still waiting to receive a word from the people behind the rotating images on the West homepage, but our tipsters tell us that several tech clients no longer count West as their AOR.

Specifically, this claim applies to tumblr, Rdio and Jawbone. We can’t confirm that these clients are no longer with West because we can’t confirm much of anything about the agency at the moment. But we did find some work apparently commissioned by West for photographer Todd Cole:

jawbone ad west

(There’s an unembeddable video for the “Make Life Easier” campaign here.)

We’re still waiting to hear from whoever monitors the agency’s given email address. Also: apologies, on Google’s behalf, to West Advertising of Alameda.