We Hear: Shakeup in R/GA’s Tech Department

By Patrick Coffee 


Agency reps are unfortunately prohibited from speaking to us at the moment (which could be due to the comments on this post), but we hear that R/GA carried out a “quiet” shakeup of its tech and quality assurance departments this week.

According to a couple of sources, EVP/CTO Nick Coronges oversaw a reshuffling of related teams in the interest of operational efficiency.


Again, specifics cannot be confirmed because the agency itself has not responded to us, but we hear that the move involved several members of the tech/QA lineup: Executive Director Michael Shagalov, Director Paulie Srinuan, and Senior Technical Director Vinny DiBartolo.

The reason for their departures — as well as the total number of staffers affected — remains unclear (though a source tells us DiBartolo left for a similar position at another agency). Given R/GA’s prominence in the digital realm and its recent Adweek “agency of the year” win, we expect hiring announcements to follow.

On a side note, all your old comments have returned, just like we promised.