We Hear: Publicis Modem Murmurs

By Kiran Aditham 

Usually, when tips come through the Spy line, they tend to be a bit vague, abstract, what have you. But this latest gem is pretty specific and comes from one seemingly distressed individual who has quite a lot to say about Publicis Modem, aka Glassdoor’s favorite agency and one that consolidated its ECD structure last we heard.

“dear agency spy,


some things that are happening at glass door’s worst agnecy, publicis modem:

huge talent drain, especially at the senior level including:

vp marie damato
svp jane barandes
evp sean mccarthy
svp andrew altersohn
evp steve farrell
svp jessica davis
svp brian plumb
cfo cedric bernard
svp susan boland
vp roald van wyk

this isn’t even getting to the non vp levels where they turnover has been astounding.

dani nadel is openly hated by the senior leaders at publicis usa.

there’s been a consultant cruising through the organization at the behest of susan gianino looking for ways to improve modem (be more like publicis usa).

susan gianino has been rumored to be retiring this year.

and now the agencies are preparing for something called “the event” that is happening in april. big pr thing with clients invited.

publicis and publicis modem will be merging into one agency in april.”

We are checking in with agency sources on the matter.