We Hear: Mendelsohn Zien = Closed?

By Kiran Aditham Comment

It was only weeks ago that we mentioned the “Restaurant Catch-Up” blog started by Mendelsohn Zien, which, if you need a refresher, was fully acquired by Japanese agency network Hakuhodo in 2009 and renamed MZ Advertising. But judging from the image above, which is all that greets you when you visit the Santa Monica, CA agency’s homepage, it looks like activity has come to a halt at MZ (links to staff pages including that of Richard Zien have been met with the ol’ “404 Not Found” message).

Perhaps they’re just retooling their site? Whatever the case, we’re still waiting for the West Coast to wake up, but inquiries have been sent to our contacts at MZ, which perhaps never recovered from losing longtime client CKE Restaurants at the end of 2009 (though it still counted clients including Qantas Airways and Farmer John).