We Hear: Changes at Silver + Partners

By Patrick Coffee 

silverThis morning, sources confirmed that CarMax will no longer work with New York’s Silver+Partners, the agency behind last year’s viral “Slow Clap” Super Bowl spot.

Last week another Silver client, “web development platform” provider Wix, announced that it would also be running an ad during the next Super Bowl. The company’s PR team strongly implied that Silver would not be the agency responsible for that spot:

“The ad is being made by an outside agency, but it isn’t being disclosed which one yet.”


Over the past few days, we’ve received a series of tips indicating that this change in business has resulted in some staffing shifts at the former Amalgamated, which renamed itself more than two years ago after DDB/BBDO vet Silver took over as CEO.

We’ve reached out to the agency and we left a message with Silver yesterday, but since we have yet to receive a response we cannot confirm any details regarding the changes. More than one reader tells us that multiple layoffs occurred and that creative staffers were among those affected.

Updates when we receive them.