We Hear: 7-Eleven Looking for a Change

By Patrick Coffee 


7-Eleven, the chain beloved of Middle Americans everywhere, signed with Dallas-based TracyLocke back in 2002.

Since then, the brand has gotten ambitious: first their outlets started replacing all the Brooklyn delis where we buy our horny goat weed, then they decided to start sponsoring startups.

Now we hear that they might be looking for a new ad agency as well. A tipster claims that this week the agency received notice that 7-Eleven would not be renewing its contract in 2015.

TracyLocke won the business after GSD&M resigned more than a decade ago, and now it appears that the brand is looking for a change on the creative and marketing fronts. While we haven’t received confirmation on this tip, our last two posts about the departure of one CEO and the hiring of another¬†were 100 percent accurate.

In 2002, 7-Eleven was estimated to be a $30M account; that number is certainly larger now.