We Hear: 360i Lays Its Fingers on the Butterfinger Business

By Patrick Coffee 

Details are scarce at the moment, but multiple sources close to the matter confirm that Nestle has chosen 360i as its new digital agency on the Butterfinger business.

Nestle first brought the New York-based shop on board last year when it consolidated its digital agency roster to six. Initially, 360i was working on the Skinny Cow, Coffee Mate and Lean Cuisine brands with L.A.’s Threshold Interactive handling Butterfinger and Hot Pockets. This summer’s Coffee Mate stunt, in which 360i “took over” a cafe and sent its shapely “baristas” to work wearing nothing but body paint, may have played a role in the agency winning this additional portion of the business.

Dailey & Associates of West Hollywood has been making Butterfinger’s TV spots (including this 2011 Super Bowl entry) for some time, and we have no reason to believe that relationship will change after this move.


The brand hasn’t been particularly active on social media or digital video in recent months, but that will surely change soon. 360i is known for its food-and-beverage work, and recent Butterfinger material has attempted to adopt the meme-ish tone that’s so popular with the kids these days.

A spokesperson for the agency declined to comment for this post, and Nestle representatives have yet to respond to multiple queries.

We do hear that someone might just be hiring across departments.