WE ARE Pi and Coca-Cola Make the Mundane Memorable

By Kiran Aditham 

In case you don’t remember Chris de Burgh’s 1986 tune “Lady in Red” (which made American Psycho Patrick Bateman swoon back in the day), it serves as the centerpiece for a new spot from WE ARE Pi Amsterdam for soft-drink giant Coca-Cola.

The Dutch-based campaign features a hipster who goes from EDM to emotional for mom and continues Coke’s “happiness” mantra in a matter of 30 seconds in order to celebrate everyday moments with family. At the very least, it makes us wax nostalgic for a moment.


In a statement, Coke senior brand activation manager Jeroen Lampe says:

“We are very excited about this new launch and believe that the campaign, delivering a functional message in a very compelling and engaging way, is going to help consumers understand the added value of this new pack.”

New packaging equals added value. Got it.


Agency: WE ARE Pi

Creative Director: Barney Hobson

Creative Director: Rick Chant

Design Director: Nessim Higson

Creative: Kaz Salemink

Managing Director: Alex Bennett Grant

Managing Partner: Patrick Garvey

Account Manager: Sam Speed

Strategy Director: Jessica Perri

Exec Producer: Kimia Farshidzad

Project Manager: Ambar Surastri

Business Affairs: Barrie Williams


Production Company: Hazazah

Director: Billy Pols

DOP: Wouter Westendorp

Production Company: Hazazah

Line Producer: Cynthia Fidder

Production Manager: Tjalf Melle

Editor: Kim Hinrichs

Grade/Online: Glassworks Amsterdam

Music/Sound: Amp Amsterdam

Music: Kilomash – “I’ll be on that new $@#%” &Chris de Burgh – “Lady in Red”