Contrapunto BBDO Releases ‘Terrorists’ for Amnesty International

By Erik Oster 

Madrid-based agency Contrapunto BBDO released a new spot for Amnesty International entitled “Terrorists.”

The ad initially appears to be about terrorism, opening on two masked men who explain that they are criminals who “live outside the law” and “endanger the stability of our country and the world.” As the men list their demands, which includes the wish that the “over 90 countries tormenting us end the oppression,” it becomes clear that these men are not the problem. At the conclusion of the spot, they unmask themselves and hold hands, revealing that the “threat” supposedly endangering stability is a gay couple, followed by the message that “In 4 of every 10 countries, homosexuality is punishable with a prison sentence or even the death penalty.”

It’s a simple yet effective approach, playing off audience expectations to increase its impact. By comparing the treatment of homosexuals in countries with oppressive laws regarding sexuality to terrorists, it makes the inherent injustice in such laws all the more obvious and the need for reform very clear.


Agencia: Contrapunto BBDO
Directores generales creativos: Carlos Jorge y Félix del Valle
Redactor: Lolo Ortega
Director de arte: Antonio Castillo
Productora: Pueblo
Realizador: Space Monkeys
Director de fotografía: Ángel Iguacel