WaPo’s Mad Men Photoshoot

By Matt Van Hoven 

It was brought to our attention that a photo shoot similar to that of Red Tettemer was done earlier this week. In fact, a lil’ Washington Post video of the event was posted here, on WaPo.com. The difference between the two: WaPo’s included a myriad of D.C. area ad-execs, whereas RT’s only had its own addies.

See Red Tettemer’s photo, here.

We’re curious as to who had the idea first: the chicken or the older looking chicken. You decide which is which, and use the poll below to voice (erm, click) your vote.

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See the video after the jump. Thanks Rebecca!

My favorite quip from the WaPo article came from Chuck Husak, creative director of August, Lang & Husak in Bethesda.

Washington’s ad clients generally don’t have big bucks to blow like their New York brethren, Husak said.

He recalled a recent TV ad by a New York agency, a slickly produced bit in which a robotic woman is revealed to have a keg of beer inside her.

“They get away with that kind of un-conceptual tripe because the execution is so polished,” Husak said. “In D.C., no one has $700,000 to throw at a non-starter idea like that.”