VW Strives to Create the ‘People’s Ad’

By Bob Marshall 

As many outside of the industry have always protested, “Anyone can make an advertisement.” Well, it just so happens that VW Canada is putting the critiques of the layperson up to the test, asking Facebook followers to create part three of the VW Golf’s “Drive Until…” campaign. That’s right, Joe and Jane Ad Critic now have an opportunity to get their names in the credits for a national TV spot.

The first installment (after the jump) follows a man as he drives his VW Golf around until he gets the courage to propose to his girlfriend, followed by a second spot (above) featuring the man driving until its time to enter the world of holy matrimony. We don’t know if this crowdsourced end to the “Drive Until…” trilogy is due to agency Red Urban running out of ideas, because Red Urban was asked by VW to make the campaign “more social” or both. In any case, you can head to VW Canada’s Facebook page to submit your ideas, which will eventually translate into a collaboration with the automaker and Red Urban on a script, casting decisions, music and other components.


Still, the agency’s ECD Christina Yu asserts in a statement that while crowdsourcing ads is nothing new, “We’re not simply asking people to submit an idea that we then produce, we’re extending the creative partnership we have with Volkswagen to our fans. Not only is it a really interesting thing to participate in, it democratizes the process in a way that really fits with the Volkswagen brand.” Should you try driving until you can come up with an idea?