CP+B’s Last Work for BK: Whopper Lust

By Kiran Aditham 

Three months after CP+B and Burger King’s well-publicized split, we have what we’ve been told is the final effort from the brand, called “Whopper Lust.” The campaign is exclusively aimed at DirecTV subscribers and essentially comes down to a staring contest with your telly whereby if you win, you get a 1 Free Whopper coupon. Camp CP+B sent us a note claiming that 50,000 whoppers have been given away this week and counting on DirectTV. We’ve been told that at this rate, America will have stared at this spinning Whopper for 13,500 hours (810,000 minutes) before the weekend rolls around. I don’t know if we’d have the attention span, but hey, we’re stuck with Time Warner Cable so guess we’ll never know.

Here are some details (via):


“For DirecTV Subscribers Only

1. Tune to Channel 111
2. Watch the show “Whopper Lust – Get Free Whopper Sandwiches.”
–You’ll need to watch this for ~5 minutes during which you’ll be prompted with remote control commands.
3. After 5 minutes you can accept 1 Free Whopper Coupon (mailed to address used on your DirecTV account). You can double or nothing, or triple or nothing to receive a 2nd or 3rd Free Whopper Coupon (have to wait longer than 5 minutes).”


How do they know people are watching? Well, alerts pop up at random intervals and if you don’t press the corresponding button on your remote, then you don’t get the Whopper.  Check out some screen grabs from Whopper Lust after the jump. So what do you think of the final chapter in the BK/CPB relationship? Now, we’ll just wait and see how McBarryBowen manages with the baton in its hands.