Volt Creates a Yearbook for Gun Violence Victims

By Erik Oster 

It’s not just Grey, you guys.

Stockholm agency Volt just launched a campaign for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence entitled “Sign Their Yearbook.”

Volt created an online “yearbook”  for young victims of gun violence which went live yesterday. Accompanying the digital yearbook is a plea for visitors to sign what doubles as a petition signaling support for universal criminal background checks to purchase firearms.


After 30 days, Volt and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence will submit the petition, in the form of a printed and signed yearbook, to the U.S. Senate…where it will almost certainly be ignored. 

“As an American citizen—I was born in Sweden but have dual citizenship—this is an issue that I feel strongly about,” agency creative director Daniel Vaccino told AdFreak. “The gun culture in the U.S. is obviously a complex issue, but we wanted to take a stand for what we believe needs to be done.”

“In essence, it’s a traditional petition, packaged with a personal and emotional twist,” he said. “We believe that the contextual relevance of using a yearbook strikes a personal note that might open people’s minds and hearts.”

He added that the process of creating the yearbook “a heartbreaking process in itself,” especially since the agency worked with victims’ families to create content for the yearbook.

Unfortunately, “Sign Their Yearbook” will likely go over better with ad awards juries than a Republican-controlled Senate.sign-their-yearbook-3