Virgin Mobile Manufactures Celebrity Couple

By Bob Marshall 

Meet Sarah, a thin leggy blonde and her new dashing, confused beau, Spencer. With their powers combined, they become “Sparah,” Hollywood’s newest celebrity couple. Isn’t this exactly how you’ve always imagined celebrity couples are formed? A talent agent introduces the pair, goes over (in Spencer’s case) cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunctions and hands them the keys to a new SUV and a mansion?

In this case, Virgin Mobile’s latest campaign with Mother NY will actually make Spencer and Sarah into L.A.’s newest “it” couple over the next six months. That’s right, this sociological experiment will actually take place right before our eyes. “Sparah” will appear in commercials, at store openings and public events like Virgin’s Freefest. Celeb obsessed fans can even monitor Sparah’s rise to fame on Virgin’s Facebook page. Confused how this will play out? As the pair’s talent agent (who we’ll hopefully see more of) says, “That’s a tweet. Tweet that shit.” Credits after the jump.


Executive Creative Director: Paul Malmstrom
Creative Director: Rob Baird, Allon Tatarka
Art Director: Rob Baird, April Mathis
Copywriter: Allon Tatarka, Jordan Chouteau
Desginer: Henrik Walse
Mother: Kelsey Robertson
Strategist: Seth Gaffney
Agency Producer: Sara Wallace
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Director: Aaron Stoller
Editorial Company: No6
Editor: Lawrence Young
Asst Editor: Justin Quagliata
Title Animation Brand New School
Telecine/VFX Company The Mill
Colorist: Fergus McCall
VFX Artist: Randy McEntee
Music Company: Human
Sound Design: Sound Lounge