Huh? CLIOs Shortlist Snubs Old Spice, W+K?

By Bob Marshall 

Maybe Kiran and I are just going crazy, but we were scanning through the recently announced 2011 CLIO Shortlist and noticed one glaring omission – Old Spice. “No freaking way,” we said in unison, he in New York and I in Chicago, reaching for our nearest bottles of liquor and highest-powered magnifying glasses (which come stock with every job).

Where could it be? Where could W+K’s shining gem of 21st century advertising perfection be hiding? It didn’t make the cut in the “Innovative” or “Integrated” categories. Apparently, “Questions” only seems to get acknowledgement in the Film direction category, right alongside Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” and Allstate’s “Mayhem,” but that’s only a nod for prodco MJZ. But zilch for W+K, you say?  Dan Wieden, are you going to stand for this?


Anyway, the CLIOS will take place on May 19 in New York, and Y&R, BBDO, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy lead the shortlist with the most nominations. Also, we’ll see the Lifetime Achievement Award go to the prolific Joe Pytka, best known for his work on McDonald’s “Nothing But Net,” Nike’s “Bo Knows” and that silly “This is Your Brain on Drugs” spot. Check out more show info here.

Update: Looks like commenter Crispincat hit it on the nose. From the CLIOs official Twitter account: “W&K did not enter the Old Spice campaign this year.”