Video Interview: Carrot Creative’s Mike Germano Talks Getting Social Media Business

By Matt Van Hoven 

Mike Germano is the 20-something co-founder of Carrot Creative, a Dumbo based social media agency working on brands like Crayola and various professional sports leagues like the NBA. Their work has been gaining attention from brands and agencies alike for their efforts.

Carrot’s approach to the business of social media integration is simple: assess needs, create strategy, execute. Just kidding, that’s not actually simple &#151 as anyone trying to grow a Twitter following will tell you. Which means, ultimately, that social media is not meant for everyone (or, more poignantly, every client). Germano says his shop turns down one in five clients whose business isn’t right for a SM execution.

One aspect we were particularly interested in is how this agency gets new business. Germano says clients come to him, whether of their own volition or via an agency who seeks Carrot’s skills. Regardless, Germano considers his (and co-founders Robert Gaafar and Chris Petescia) business an agency &#151 not a vendor.

We asked Germano whether clients (either through an agency or direct) come to Carrot for help with social conversations or profit. The answer may surprise you: watch to find out.

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