UK Proposes Costly Alcohol Ad Ban

By Kiran Aditham 

Despite the fact that pubs are a cornerstone of daily ritual and are found on virtually every street corner, a British Medical Association study called “Under the Influence” recommends that the UK axe all alcohol advertising and sponsorships in an effort to curb binge drinking. According to AdAge, the move could cost $286 million in potential ad spending and is leaving some to believe that advertising is being made a scapegoat.

Altruistic folks like Dave Trott, creative director of London agency Chick Smith Trott, tells the mag, “People who blame advertising for binge drinking have misunderstood the whole purpose of advertising — it’s about stealing market share, not persuading people to drink.” Riiiiighht.

The BMA study is already getting backing from neighbor Ireland, which “has some of the toughest laws on drinking in the European Union” and has even gone as far as banning cigarette ads in shops. So much for stereotypes.

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